I Want To Sell My Car Fast

I Want To Sell My Car Fast

I Want To Sell My Car Fast, if you say this often, then you are in the right place there are many ways through which you can sell your car in the UAE fast and with great profit. There are many ways through which you can sell your car fast and make sure that you get great profit from it as well. You will have to work hard and you will have to spend some time on your car as well, but it will all be worth it in the end and you can sell my car for cash almost immediately.

There are something that you have to do that will cost you money, but at the same time, these things will bring you great profit after the sale of the car as well. So without further ado, here are some tips and tricks that will help you sell your car fast and with great profit.

I want to sell my car – Wash Your Car

You need to wash your car before you can take it to a potential buyer. You need to make sure that your car is clean from the inside and out. Take a good detergent and wash your car from the outside vigorously. Once you are done and you are sure that your car is clean, let it dry out in the sun. After that, you should clean the inside of your car as well.


Look for stains and bad smells, if you find any, you need to thoroughly vacuum your car and make sure that you get every single dust particle out. After that, take the car mat out and wash it as well. Change the air filters and make sure that you sprinkle some air freshener inside the car as well so that it smells fresh and nice.

Change Car Tyres


If you want to get good cash for my car, then you may have to change your car tyres. If you recently changed your car tyres or if your car tyres are in perfectly good condition then you can ignore this step. Otherwise, you need to change the tyres of your car. A car with good tyres will be sold for more than a car with bad tyres. You can easily find cheap tyres or second hand tyres if you are on a tight budget. The point is, if your car tyres are not in good condition, then you have to change them to sell your car fast and with great profit.

Hire a Mechanic


Before you sell my car online, you need to get it checked by a professional. A mechanic can check your car from inside and out and make sure that everything is working properly. If there are any faults with your car the mechanic will be able to identify them and help you resolve them at some affordable rates. Always remember that the money you spend on the car will be worth it and you will get it back in one way or another in the form of profit over your car. I hope this answers your query: I Want To Sell My Car Fast.


Free Car Valuation and All Different Ways to do it

Free Car Valuation and All Different Ways to do it

Car Valuation is an important step to know the worth of your car especially when you are selling a used car. Car valuation is helpful to know the ideal worth of a used car and that in turn helps you to acquire the most suitable resale value of the used car. With the resale value of the used car directly linked to car valuation performed, it becomes highly essential for the car sellers to find the easiest and accessible way to get their car evaluated. There are certain ways available with which car valuation can be performed and it depends on the individual choice to select whatever way is good. However, there are certain factors which can lead to making a choice between multiple ways available for car valuation.


Here, we’ll discuss some of the most pertinent ways of doing car valuation and build an understanding of the prospective benefits and application of each way.

Private Free Car Valuation

Private Car valuation or online free car valuation is one of the very simple and easily accessible way to get done with car valuation. Online car valuation can be done from the comfort of your home. You won’t need much but only a PC to open an authentic car valuation website. Private free car valuations are also often referred to as online car valuations as they seeks the help of internet and online sources. There are a number of car selling and buying online channels providing their valuations services to those in need. These car valuation platforms have their car value calculators which calculate the value of your vehicle in line with the information you put in describing the model, year, make and condition of your vehicle. This is the easiest way to calculate the worth of your car privately.

Free Valuation of Car from Car Dealers

Car Dealers are also known for doing car valuations. Although this is a little old method of getting done with the car valuation but it is still very reliable and simple. You would need to get your car to a car dealer for its valuation. The on-site inspection of the vehicle by the dealer will help you know the value of your vehicle. Dealers, with their years of experience in the car market and automotive industry know which cars sell well in the used car market and the ones which don’t. For best dealer’s car valuation, it is always suggested to get the valuation done by multiple car dealers in the market and then take the average estimate to know the most ideal value for your used car.


It is not always the best way to get the idea of your car’s value but it still quite valid in some cases. In case you have a car that is completely damaged or damaged to an extent that its repair value exceeds its original cost, it’s time to think about the part-exchange. The part-exchange service refers to getting the value of a car based on selling the individual parts of a car. In case of a damaged car, you need to get the car’s value on a whole and then also know its part-exchange value. In this way, you will be able to know the best resale value of your vehicle.

Why You Should Avoid Classifieds When your Sell Your Car Online

Why You Should Avoid Classifieds When your Sell Your Car Online

Classifieds are never a good option when you sell your car online. It needs to be noticed that there are a number of ways available to sell a car online and the car sellers should not just depend upon the car classified websites to sell a car. If I am to sell my car online, my preference would be to choose a medium that does not only offer the best resale value for my car but also ensures the safety of payments for the car. Online classified website or car selling sites, despite being very effective in their ease of approaching a large pool of prospective buyers don’t offer the guarantee to get done with selling a car. This is what the car sellers look for when choosing a medium to sell car online. Among other approaches are the online car dealers who buy used cars and the specialist car buying companies which are a modern day solution to sell any used car that you own.

Before discussing the online car dealers and the specialist car buying companies in detail, let’s look at the reasons to avoid classifieds when selling a car online:

The Risk of Fraudulent Car Buyers is high

The first reason for not choosing classifieds for selling a car is because of the fraudulent buyers looking to fool the vulnerable sellers and run away with their cars. As classifieds don’t usually validate the identity of its subscribers, the chances of criminals using these platforms to manipulate the car sellers are very high. You can easily become a victim of these fraudulent buyers if you are selling a car for the first time.

Privacy at Stake with Classifieds when you sell your car online

You have to compromise on your privacy when you choose classified websites to sell your car online to. The best way to sell your car can certainly not be classifieds because you need to deal with strangers and call them to your home for the inspection of your car. This situation gives an opportunity to the scammers and criminals to hurt you in any proportion. It is never advised to call strangers to your home but that is what you mostly need to do when selling a car online through classifieds.

Selling a Car to Classifieds is a waste of time

You are never sure with classifieds and their scope to help you get done with selling your car. It is true that many buyers would quickly approach you to check your car and once you listen to them and call them at your place, they would either not appear or don’t offer the right value for your car. The cycle of buyers inquiring about your car does not really end and it surely is very discouraging. This disappointment often leads the car sellers to sell a car at a very cheap price which is totally wrong.

Online Car Dealers and Specialist Car Buying Companies are Better Options

There is no doubt that I will not sell my car online through classifieds after reading all the advantages mentioned above. The question is then what is a useful way to sell your car online. You should either choose the online car dealers or the online specialist car buying companies to sell a car. Not many dealers offer their services online but some of them do and the security of payment is far more superior in case of dealers than the classifieds. However, Specialist car buying companies are the best way to sell your car online as they take care of the whole process and east out the worries of car buyers. You can sell any car in any condition to the car sellers and that is the beauty of their services. Selling a car to classified should be your last option always.

How to Sell your Car- Trade it in or Sell it yourself?

If you are someone who wants to sell your old used car in order to get a new one and you are wondering how to sell your car and get a new one simultaneously, generally there are two options in this case. Either you can trade it in to the dealer, by just paying a down payment on your new vehicle of choice, or just sell it yourself and buy a new car from the proceeds from the used car.

So when it comes to selling your car, which option would be the best to go about? Here we will highlight some of the pros and cons for the trade in option as well as privately selling your car.

How To Sell Car


How to Sell your Car through Trade-In Option

Trade in Option in terms of cars is when you take your used car to a car dealer and sell the used car in exchange of a brand new model. In this case, the worth of the used car will be cut from, ideally the retail price of the new car, and you just have to pay over and above that in order to match the price of the new car.


The advantage of this option is that it’s simple! You don’t have to handle the paperwork against the new car as the car dealer takes care of that. You just have to walk in with a used car and drive out with a brand new one.


Nevertheless, this option is not devoid of certain disadvantages. The major one is money. Most of the time car dealers don’t quote the retail price of the new car but rather an overestimated price in order to make money. They will also not try to give you as much as you want against your used car if you decide to sell it yourself. So by going with this option, you may think that you are saving yourself with the hassle that comes with selling a car but in reality you are most likely losing a lot of money that you could have earned through selling it yourself.


Therefore, it is always advisable that you know the car model with which you want to trade your old car with. Furthermore, you should also be aware of the market value of the new model and the worth of your used car through a reliable car valuation method. All this should be done before you drive in to a car dealership.

Sell the Used Car Yourself

It is commonly known by the sellers that you will be getting more return if you sell your used car yourself. This can be one of the major advantage.


If prepared well, the negotiation process can be quite convincing from the sellers point of view thus settling on the amount that you want. You are in control of the whole process and aware of the steps. Furthermore if someone wants to buy cars for cash, you are better off in this process.


Nevertheless, selling it yourself can be very tedious. This process means researching the market yourself, posting an advertisement to a relevant online source and then taking time me meet potential buyers and going through a negotiation process. It also involves dealing with the payment details as well as bank finances. So you may consider whether all the effort worth the extra money you earn.

Final Advice

So when it comes to answering the question of how to sell your car keeping these options in perspective, the pros lean towards selling it yourself because it all boils down to the amount you earn. This amount may be more than the one you may calculate through a trade in option.

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II – Bold and Majestic

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II – Bold and Majestic

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II was built to be as a symbol of excellence among automobiles and enhance owner’s stature while cruising down the boulevard or highway. The Rolls Royce Ghost series has been around since 2010 offering the same timeless majesty but this new Series II 2016 model comes with some improvements.

Considering the legendary name of Rolls Royce as a brand, a lifestyle and particularly a car, it is befitting to review its new model. This review will scrutinize the car in terms of its exterior, interior aspects as well as its performance on the road.

Exterior Persona of the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II

Talking about the exterior of this majestic car, it is categorized as a full-sized 4 door sedan in all its luxurious sense. The car has a bold front fascia with a far reaching bonnet. It also showcases a large stainless steel grille which takes resemblance to a jet air intake grille. The design of the headlamps have been modified by adding the LED lights.

The silhouette of the Rolls Royce Ghost has the brand signature mark by being bold in the front and long aerodynamic from the rest of the body. It has a slender roof proportions and a strong, sweeping shoulder line gives it a sensuous yet contemporary look.

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II

This car has an option of customizations. If you want to change the default 19 inch alloy wheel, then you have 3 options to choose from. It also have a choice of 44,000 strong colour palate for exterior paint to choose from, which you don’t see in other such cars.

Interior of the Ghost Series II

The interior is all that you expect of a Rolls Royce car. With a lavish space and softest hide, it completes the experience. For the Ghost Series II, it’s all about the rear seat travel. These rear seats are not like the typical bench style but rather have a ‘lounge feel’. These seats are complete with power adjustments and foldable picnic tables to give you a fully loaded experience.

The front cabin is also quite spacious in terms of legroom. The comfort in the interior of the car is enhanced with the elimination of Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH).

This luxury car is not without its fair share of infotainment. It has a 10.25 inch screen which can be controlled with the iDrive controller and the BMW-sourced switchgear.

To add to the contemporary Rolls Royce persona, the interior ceiling has a starlit feature and you can either lit it or have the sunroof open for the real thing.

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II

Powertrain of the Rolls Royce Ghost Series II

The experience of driving the Ghost Series II is like sailing a boat. It is bold and powerful yet remarkably restrained. The car has a twin-turbo 6.6 litre V12 engine, which gives 563 horsepower. This is equivalent to 3 mid-sized sedans.

In terms of speed, it can go from a cruising speed of 20 km/h to 100km/h in under 4 seconds. This model also has an 8-speed ZF gearbox that can be operated smoothly. This is powered by the Satellite Aided Transmission, which helps to shift the ratio of the speed in case of a turn in ahead.

The car is weighted to be just under 2,500kg and is 4,399mm long. This can be a challenge when parking the car in a small corner or maneuvering the car through a small turn.

Luxury Experience through and through

Rolls Royce Ghost Series II

The verdict of this Ghost Series II is that it’s definitely what you would expect and more, for a Rolls Royce Ghost. The fun fact about the name is that the car automaker only makes 4,000 of these in a year. This Ghost series Rolls Royce is available for sale in the UAE at a starting price of AED 1,300,000.

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How to Maintain Safety When Selling a Car in Dubai

How to Maintain Safety When Selling a Car in Dubai

Selling a car in Dubai privately is more profitable rather than selling to an auto dealer. But many car sellers prefer selling their cars to the dealership because they don’t feel confident enough to sell their cars privately. The possible risks of fraud and scam stop them from dealing with private car buyers. In order to sell a car safely, many car sellers approach auto dealers and don’t bother about dealership fee and high commissions. However, there are some smart ways which car sellers can use to sell their cars to private car buyers in a secure way.

Here we will discuss some helpful ways to maintain safety when you sell a car in Dubai.

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Screen out Callers before selling a car in Dubai

Screening callers on the phone is an initial stage where you can differentiate between good and bad people. It carries great weight when to sell your car privately.  For this, you should listen carefully and scrutinize serious and non-serious callers. The interested buyers will ask relevant things and information about the car whereas non-serious callers will try to ask personal questions and may insist on personal meet-ups.


A buyer with criminal intention may agree immediately on your quoted price and would ask you to meet as soon as possible. In this way, a good listening will help you to identify non-serious car buyers. For selling a car in Dubai safely, you just need to carefully observe the unusual and strange behavior of callers on the phone before meeting.

Check Buyer’s identity online

There is another way to evaluate the callers before a meeting. You can ask the full name of the caller and then check his/her identity on social media. It will give you an idea about his occupation, age, location and social life through which you can better understand his intentions.  After that, you need to make a list of serious buyers which also qualify on your requirements for selling a car and give them the time to meet.

Choose a Busy Place for Meeting

You should always decide a busy place for meeting the potential buyers such as some market, shopping mall, restaurant or a parking lot. This will help you to deal in a secure way as the people with criminal intentions can’t execute their plans in public. It is never a good idea to call the strangers at your home or your workplace.

Take Safety measures when you allow Test Drive

Once the buyer gets done with the inspection of your car and seems agreed on your quoted price, then he may ask you for a test drive. But you are required to take some precautions when you give permission for the test drive. You can ask the buyer to bring some identity proof such as ID card, driving license or another document etc. and take it when you allow the test drive. If the buyer finds your car suitable for the test drive, you may negotiate and finalize the deal.

Receive the Payment and Transfer the Title

You should accept the cash payment as the bank transfer is linked to the risk of a fraudulent deal. You should call the buyer at a safe place to hand you over the money and take the car along with all the legal documentation from you. You should only transfer the title to the buyer when he pays you the amount. This is how you get done with the deal for selling a car in Dubai safely.

Selling Cars in Dubai – A Complete Roadmap

Selling Cars in Dubai – A Complete Roadmap

You must follow certain significant steps for selling cars in Dubai as in this way the chances of getting the best value for a second-hand car improve. In order to make the best out of the sale of your car, it is important to follow all the required procedures to deal with buyers and to finish with selling your car. Used cars are steadily growing their market in the UAE and there are all chances that used car sellers can get good value for their cars.

We shall share a clear roadmap to sell a car in Dubai for best profits.

Making Initial Preparation for Selling Cars in Dubai

Getting a car ready for selling is as important as selling it. Car sellers who do not prepare the car nicely before selling it do not usually get the best resale value for their cars. The used car buyers in Dubai and all other cities of the UAE are quite specific about their choice for used cars. Usually, the car buyers prefer having cars which are not only good with their performance but also have decent outlook.

Sell My Car in Dubai

Listed below are the ways you can get the car ready for sale:

Washing the Car

A Car wash is the easiest and least expensive way to improve the value of your second-hand car. Before selling cars in Dubai, you must get them to the car wash station and get them washed to enhance the outlook of a car.

Get the Pictures of the Car in Good Condition

When you have got the car washed and it looks good, it is advised to take its pictures from a high-resolution camera. You would need these pictures at the time of advertising your car.

Car valuation for selling cars in Dubai

It is another important part to sell cars in Dubai with good effect. You can get to know the value of your car with the help of an expert car mechanic who knows how to evaluate a car on the basis of its condition or you can go for the online car valuation tools offered by different car selling and buying companies on their websites.

Car Valuation

Documentation of the Car

Before making your mind contact the buyers for the dealer to sell your car in Dubai, it is important to assemble all the original documents of the car. The resale of a car gets a significant boost if all the original documents are present at the time of sales.

Selling a Car In Dubai.jpg

Choose the Best Method to Sell Your Car

There are multiple methods available for selling cars in Dubai and you need to choose one that is most beneficial. You can either go for selling it through classifieds for which the pictures that you took earlier will now prove handy. But classifieds are not a reliable source of selling cars as strangers approach you to buy cars and it can involve many frauds. You can go to the car market and ask the dealers to arrange the buyers but that too is not a cost-effective process because you need to pay the commission to dealers. In Dubai and other cities of the UAE, there are now some companies which offer their services to car sellers for selling their cars. These companies ensure the guarantee to buy any car in Dubai and offer you a transparent process to sell your cars. The mode payment is highly secure and devoid of all frauds.

Selling cars in Dubai becomes a lot more beneficial and trouble-free when you choose the right service provider to sell your car. A good company in this regard helps you to get done with the whole paperwork and gets you to sell your car without any hassle.